Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution
Assessments: Determining a Starting Point for Your Learning Evolution
Mapping an effective performance improvement plan to reach your goals requires a thorough understanding of how your organization functions at every level. By evaluating and benchmarking current capabilities and performance levels, Strategy Execution can isolate and address the skills, application and management gaps that hinder performance and prevent you from reaching goals as quickly as you’d like.

Our in-depth assessments examine all aspects of your organization on three key dimensions—people, processes and tools—to identify which specific change mechanisms can be activated to achieve business objectives. Creating a baseline for comparison will also help ensure the precision of our solution and enable you to measure the business impact of organizational change initiatives and demonstrate ROI.

Services Include:

Strategy Execution Individual Assessments  

    • Knowledge
    • Application of best practices
    • Project impact and performance
    • 360 degree performance impact Strategy Execution Organizational Assessments  

    • Organizational maturity
    • Process adequacy
    • Process application

Sample BA Appraise Report – Individuals
Sample BA Appraise Report – Group

A Case Study: Getting to the Root of the Issue
A large pharmaceutical company had internally trained their project managers, but their projects were still failing. They engaged Strategy Execution to uncover the reasons their skills were failing and create a plan for successful implementation.

The Resolution:
Strategy Execution conducted a Project Framework assessment in order to identify process issues and skills gaps, then conducted a series of interviews with key management, executives and functional employees. The findings were then used to develop a learning plan that combined instructor-led training with coaching and mentoring to make sure the training was applied on the job.

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