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Professional Certificate in Business Skills

The courses in Strategy Execution's Business Skills Training Programme are designed to help professionals gain the critical business knowledge and insight necessary to be more effective and successful in today's highly competitive business environment. Achieving the Professional Certificate in Business Skills demonstrates your credentials in leadership and soft skills. Requirements:
  • Five of the select courses listed below must be completed in a four-year period.
  • Students must adhere to the restrictions specified on the specific course pages.
  • Each course may be applied to only one Master's or Professional Certificate
Choose from any five courses from below….
  • All courses applied to the Associate's Certificate in Agile Practices may be applied toward the Agile Practices Master's certificate requirements. Courses may also be applied to both Associate's and Master's
  • Certificate requirements for IT Project Management.
You must take at least four of the following introductory courses...
  • Budget and Financial Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Improved Performance
  • Communicating Up: Winning Strategies for Successful Executive Conversations
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Establishing a Business Mindset
  • High-Impact Communication
  • Taking Charge of Organisational Change
You may also choose one elective course from the following….
  • Negotiation Skills for Project Managers
  • Business Process Analysis Innovation and Design
Upon successful completion of the required courses, you will earn a Professional Certificate in Business Skills awarded by Strategy Execution and The George Washington University.
CBAP® Certification

Who is it for?
The Certified Business Analysis Professional® (CBAP®) designation is awarded to business analysis practitioners with at least five years of experience who have successfully demonstrated their understanding and expertise in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®). Requirements for taking the CBAP® Exam
  • 7,500 hours of business analysis work experience in the last 10 years (In BABOK® knowledge areas)
  • Demonstrated expertise in 4 of the 6 knowledge areas
  • 21 hours of professional training in the last 4 years
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