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We have partnered with our clients for over 30 years to help them improve organisational performance and achieve strategic business goals. Whether you're implementing a world class global project management programme, creating a centre of excellence or launching an initiative to increase competitiveness through improved project management, you’ll find that Strategy Execution has the solutions and results you desire for your pressing business issues.
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP)
Leveraging the PMO to improve client experience

In 2006 ADP asked learning partner, Strategy Execution (formerly known as ESI International), to assess their broader, existing project management capabilities and chart the long-term course to meet their goals. Strategy Execution tailored the assessment to explore specific issues identified by ADP.

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Driving Organisational Success Through The Same Project Page

In order to achieve its project management goals, ASML recognised it would need a partner that could help develop the methodology, design and deliver the learning programme as well as help ensure the project management practices became part of ASML’s corporate structure and culture. In 2006, ASML selected Strategy Execution to help drive and support their programme.

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Brasil Telecom
Developing Project Excellence To Win In Crowded Market Place

Like many telecommunications companies around the world, Brasil Telecom faced high-risk project and IT challenges. Company executives knew that if they were going to compete in this newly deregulated, highly competitive industry, it was time to change.

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Delta Technology
Business Analyst Practice Helps Gain Competitive Advantage

Delta Technology identified the need among its employees for a consistent methodology to more successfully gather and clearly document requirements.

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Improved Risk Management Behaviour Drives Project Excellence

In 2006, GSK launched its iPlan initiative, which sought to improve people capabilities, processes, enabling technologies and support services to deliver integrated project and portfolio planning. To make this ambitious initiative a success, GSK leaders knew they would need help from experts in the delivery of large-scale performance improvement training in project management.

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The Hanover Insurance Group
Future Leaders Learning Programme Puts Business Analysis At Core of Organisation

For the past five years, The Hanover has partnered with Strategy Execution to deliver instructor-led learning to business analysts in its technology division.

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Henkels & McCoy
Improving Bottom Line Through eTraining

Henkels & McCoy needed to help increase efficiency internally and develop seamless communication with their many large general contracting partners. With Strategy Execution (formerly known as ESI International) training, Henkels & McCoy created a standardised, global project management methodology throughout the organisation.

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HP Services
Driving Organisational Results Through Developing Business Savvy Project Managers

When HP Services needed a comprehensive and consistent approach to project management training for its worldwide offices, it turned to ESI International.

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Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)
Improving Customer Service Satisfaction Through Global Project Management Implementation

One of the world’s largest, independent software companies, PTC understands that in order to maintain its competitive edge in the global marketplace it must consistently improve project success rates, increase customer satisfaction and maximise efficiencies. PTC and ESI worked together to develop and implement a three-stage, worldwide initiative.

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Piedmont Natural Gas
Building Project Intelligence Across The Enterprise

When Piedmont Natural Gas, an energy services company that distributes natural gas to more than one million customers, decided to form a Project Management Centre of Excellence (CoE) with a vision of "leading the company in transforming business strategy into business results," they turned to Strategy Execution for help.

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Project Success Through Consistent Methodology and Training

In 2000, PeopleSoft realised that to differentiate the their offering through their people, then their skills, competencies and practices needed to be consistent and showcased through suitable professional certification. They turned to Strategy Execution to help them reach their goal of having all project managers within the PeopleSoft UK environment be PMP certified.

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Project Management Drives Successful Complex Customer Networking Solutions

Siemens' switch from selling hardware to selling integrated solutions resulted in complex installation projects and the need for new project management approaches. Siemens selected Strategy Execution to help it tackle this new business challenge.

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Tetra Pak
Maintaining Superior Market Place Position Through World Class Project Management

Acknowledging that effective project management underpins leadership, quality and customer understanding, Tetra Pak partnered with Strategy Execution to build and deliver a globally consistent, instructor led, project management learning and development programme.

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