Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution
Centers of Excellence: Ensuring Alignment throughout Your Organization
In order to maximize efficiency and performance, all strategic and structural components of your organization must be in alignment. Even in the highest functioning operations, there can be gaps in composition that have a ripple effect on overall performance.

Creating or honing Centers of Excellence within your organization - the collaborative thought leadership, governance structures, methodologies and tools that uphold best practices and support continuous improvement - enables the highest quality output and maximum achievement.

Strategy Execution consultants will first identify any breaches within your organization and then tailor a solution to address any issues, leverage your assets and achieve organizational alignment.

Strategy Execution Services include:
  • Organizational Design Services - Creating infrastructure to govern people, processes and tools
  • Continuous Improvement Assessment - Ongoing evaluation to measure achievement and evolve solutions
  • Human Capital Management - Managing workforce to maximize productivity and efficiency
  • Community of Practice Development - Developing and supporting areas of best practice and collective learning
  • Competency /KSA/RACI Chart Development - Determining employee profiles required to deliver on organizational goals
  • Coaching and Mentoring Program Design - Customizing solutions for impactful mentoring and support systems
A Case Study: Ensuring Adoption of Best Practices
A leading automation technology company had developed several policies for project management, but application and adoption were erratic due to lack of buy-in by PMs. Communication throughout the organization had also been insufficient and ineffective.

Our Approach:
Our PMO consultants evaluated and addressed the issues surrounding lack of support among PMs and identified opportunities for departmental training to ensure consistency. Strategy Execution also developed a communication plan to educate and engage the organization’s key stakeholders. All activities were tied to client-specific goal setting and measurement in order to track progress.
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