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Contract Management Certification
Associate's Certificate in Contract Management

An Associate's Certificate in Contract Management provides an introduction to contract management and is appropriate for anyone needing a basic working knowledge of the subject. Professionals who want to demonstrate their commitment to professional development in contracting may take classes related to their specific interests and needs, as this programme is extremely flexible.

  • Three of the selected courses must be completed within two years.
  • Students must adhere to the restrictions specified on the specific course pages
  • Each course may be applied to only one Associate's Certificate.
Choose from any three courses from below…
  • Managing Contracts
  • Administering Contracts
  • Managing Outsourcing Engagements
  • Selecting Vendors
  • Managing Performance Using a Service Level Agreement
  • Writing Statements of Work
Upon successful completion of the required courses, you will earn an Associate's Certificate in Contract Management awarded by Strategy Execution and The George Washington University.
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