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A US study by the Standish Group showed that 31% of software projects would be canceled before they ever get to the completion stage, and 53% will cost a staggering 189% of their original estimates. KPMG’s study indicates that the failure rate in Canada is just as high, posing a serious and ongoing problem for CEOs and senior managers.

One of the most important aspects of the Standish Group research was to discover why projects fail. They surveyed IT executive managers for their opinions about what causes projects to succeed, what causes projects to be challenged, and what causes impaired projects. Below are the results of this survey

Tech Mahindra Client Testimonial

I would like to say my thanks to the excellent professional support I have received from Strategy Execution (formerly known as ESI International) in our attempts to develop the Project and Program Management competencies at Tech Mahindra. We have utilized the services of Strategy Execution for Program Management and Six Sigma trainings, building a Project Management curriculum and also consultancy on Lean Six Sigma implementation.

I have found Strategy Execution to be extremely professional in their approach ensuring the best of consultants and trainers with Global experience are available for training and consultancy. All arrangements are proactively taken care of and the content is researched and rich with exercises.

Besides the training we have also engaged Strategy Execution for K&P Surveys, PM Appraise appraisals and MTM reports and each of them demonstrate a scientific approach to learning. They have been valuable to us.

Thank you and look forward to a long association.

Riaz Mulla
ESG - T, Tech Mahindra Limited
Project Success Factors
Project Challenged Factors
Project Impaired Factors
  • User Involvement
  • Executive Management Support
  • Clear Statement of Requirements
  • Proper Planning
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Smaller Project Milestones
  • Competent Staff
  • Lack of User Input
  • Incomplete Requirements & Specifications
  • Changing Requirements & Specifications
  • Lack of Executive Support
  • Technology Incompetence
  • Lack of Resources
  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • Unclear Objectives
  • Unrealistic Time Frames
  • New Technology
  • Incomplete Requirements
  • Lack of User Involvement
  • Lack of Resources
  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • Lack of Executive Support
  • Changing Requirements & Specifications
  • Lack of Planning
  • Didn't Need It Any Longer
  • Lack of IT Management
  • Technology Illiteracy

Failed Projects in IT

Most software development projects fail because of failures within the team running them. A failed software development project is defined as

  1. Being over-scheduled by more than 30% and/or
  2. Being over-budget by more than 30% and/or
  3. the end product did not meet user requirements.

Examples of failure:

  • Not meeting project goals, delivering requirements / scope
  • Not matching stakeholder requirements
  • Not delivering value for money
  • Poor implementation and management
  • Not hitting quality standards
  • A sense of failure within the project team

How is success defined?

  • Delivery on time and within budget
  • Is reliable and maintainable
  • Satisfies the users
  • Meets project goals, with deliverables completed to specification / quality requirements


    • Most of the project managers are becoming entrepreneurs, thus creating a gap in demand and supply of project management skills
    • Maintaining performance standards
    • Create an environment for innovation business models, ecosystems and knowledge.
    • Co-ordinate with the academic circles as well as other industries in India for better performance and improved productivity
    • Struggling with several issues concerning availability and quality of talent
      • Training of workforce through collaboration with educational institutes
      • Promoting higher education through scholarships and tie-ups with educational institutes
      • Improving work environment

Can Project Failure be avoided?

Yes! The result of poorly trained project managers is that project failure can be controlled and avoided. Project managers need the authority to do their job correctly and will inevitably have the most considerable impact on the result of a project.

Strategy Execution Capabilities in IT Project Management
IT organisations of every scale rely on Strategy Execution (formerly known as ESI International) to provide outstanding IT-specialized learning programs and support.

Strategy Execution’s professional programs go beyond meeting mandatory certificate requirements to develop real-world capabilities and enhance the way individuals and teams perform on the job, which helps build effective talent and drives organizational results.

Strategy Execution’s IT Skills Program & Certification Areas Include:

  • IT Project management
  • Program management 
  • Business analysis/requirements management
  • Contract management


Mapping Strategy Execution Offerings

Strategy Execution’s offerings are relevant to current challenges that the Indian IT industry faces. The table below maps Strategy Execution’s capabilities vis-à-vis industry’s requirements and findings.

Our Relevant Offerings
Skills Gap in IT Workforce
In 2008 CompTIA survey, 38% report there are not enough qualified IT candidates. Three most important IT skills identified in the survey are:
  • Security (74%)
  • General networking (66%)
  • Operating systems (66%)
56% of respondents identified “soft” skills (communications, customer service, project management, sales, etc.) as important skills
  • Sending employees for professional training externally
  • Providing incentives, rewards
Sending employees for certification
  • Assessments
  • PM Certification
  • BA Certification
  • Business Skills
Economic Slowdown in the U.S. and Europe
  • Weak economic outlook for key geographic areas may force corporations and governments to reduce or delay IT spending.
  • It’s crucial for IT firms to improve their project management practices toward improving capacity and maximizing efficiencies in the current economic climate.
  • Weak economic outlook for U.S. and Europe puts pressure on industry revenue
  • Companies must optimize and innovate core process productivity as well as eliminate waste and rework
  • Companies must improve efficiencies and optimize production capacity
  • PM Assessments
  • Project, Program and Portfolio Management
Expanding Opportunities in the Global Market
  • Expanding access to markets to China, Russia & India is a key focus especially with the economic outlook in the US and Europe. Key issues include:
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • Taxes and tariffs
  • Import restrictions
  • Technology neutrality
  • Licensing restrictions
  • Project Management
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