Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution
Individual Learning
Professional Skills: Learning Preparation, Reinforcement and Resources
Learning is a continual process. Before, during and after your Strategy Execution coursework is complete, you’ll enjoy the support needed to maximize your learning experience and apply what you've learned on the job.

Our business skills coaches and subject matter experts will provide preparation, reinforcement and ongoing exercises that increase the chances of your turning the knowledge and skills you’ve learned into concrete working habits and behavior.


Pre-Course Assessments
Many of our project management and business analysis courses offer pre-course assessments that can be completed before you begin your class. These help to define a baseline going forward and better target your studies and goals.

PMAppraise® and BAAppraise
Appraisals are offered for both the project management curriculum and the business analysis curriculum, and help you benchmark your current skill level while identifying areas of weakness to help plan your training path.


Post-Course Assessments
For many of our project management and business analysis courses, post-course assessments are available to measure knowledge gained, to track skill improvements and to locate areas for further improvement.

Strategy Execution Advisor

Our TwentyEighty StrategyExAdvisor service allows you to send course-related questions to an Strategy Execution expert who will respond within one business day.

Continuous Learning

With MyESI®, you have access to your own personal training portal where you can complete and track pre-and post-course assessments, utilize tools and templates, as well as create a training plan to help you meet your specific goals.

Strategy Execution's Real Time Source
This searchable, online resource provides you 24/7 support with quick, easy access to our project management and business analysis concepts, tools, templates and terms, which increases efficiency and consistency when practicing the skills learned in class.
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