Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution
Learning Validation: Verifying Progress and Determining Next Steps
Throughout your learning initiative, some performance improvements will be immediate and obvious, while others may lay the groundwork for a crucial next step. Substantiating your progress is key to validating exactly how your organization has improved, whether issues have been solved, and what learning is still required  to achieve existing or evolving goals.

Utilizing  in-depth Metrics that Matter®, we gather predictive data about higher-level results that indicate program effectiveness and your potential business impact. At every relevant stage, Strategy Execution assesses your training outcomes so that you can better measure success, identify new opportunities and justify learning investments to other key decision-makers.

Strategy Execution Services Include:
  • Application Surveys and Metrics - Capturing data to gauge adoption of new processes  and templates
  • Level III Assessments of Knowledge Acquisiton and Application - Measuring learning effectiveness based on the Kirkpatrick model of knowledge acquisition

A Case Study: Big Returns on Learning Investment
When one of Canada’s largest transportation companies was plagued by sizable, costly project overruns, they turned to Strategy Execution. Company leadership recognized a dire need for change, but wanted proof on ROI. The outcomes spoke for themselves—and secured funding for phase two training.

Measurable Results:
  • Over 90% on-time project completion rate 
  • 35% increase on scheduled delivery success rate
  • 23% improvement in project variance
  • 55% of participants attributed improvements to Strategy Execution training
  • 80% of learners applied new knowledge and skills within 4 weeks
  • 60% of job success  attributed to new content application
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