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Our Measurement Solutions: Meaningful Insight to Drive Measurable Results and ROI
How does an organization know if knowledge and skills have been acquired? And what is the business impact of this learning on the organization? As with all investments, learning program results can be -- and need to be -- consistently measured to identify the impact and value of learning programs. 

For a learning program to be successful, organizations should:
  • Identify where they are today and outline where they would like to be over a specific period of time,
  • Engage several tools, consistently over time, to assess the before and after of an individuals learning experience, and
  • Identify the individuals role and responsibilities around programs and projects in order to compare changes, over time.

Strategy Execution helps our clients accomplish all of the above and more. TwentyEighty StrategyExs enhanced capabilities will allow clients to measure the effectiveness of learning events, identify areas for change and, with this information, make better business decisions.

Assessments are an important part of the planning of your performance improvement program and are also valuable in demonstrating business impact and ROI. Strategy Execution performs many different types of assessments, the results of which can help to identify, categorize and prioritize current practices and behaviors, as well as to analyze gaps and establish baselines for improvement. And they play a critical role in validating and evaluating the effectiveness and content of performance improvement programs during and after completion.

"Smart Sheet" Approach
Strategy Execution is implementing Smart Sheet online evaluations to replace Level 1 evaluations. These Smart Sheets go beyond the traditional smile sheet to gather predictive data about higher-level results. They go beyond basic questions about whether the learner liked the class, and asks them to project into the future and describe whether they expect to apply what they learned, and if so, what business impact it might bring. This data will help tell the story of program effectiveness based on how learners predict they will apply learning back on the job, and what business results they think they will deliver to the organization. Plus, we are able to provide in-depth analytics, intuitive reports and benchmarking to capture both behavioral change and business results. So you can track your organizations progress through learning and beconfident youre getting the most out of your budget.

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