Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution
Methodology and Process: Achieving Ultimate Efficiency
In pursuit of operational excellence, you’ve likely implemented processes across your organization. The question is, do you have the right processes in place for the right people to generate the right results?

Ideally, your organization will have just enough process to regulate methodology and make peoples’ jobs easier while producing the highest quality work output. Conversely, an over-engineered process or lack of consistent application actually creates more work and erodes productivity.

To optimize your functionality, Strategy Execution consultants will thoroughly assess your organization’s process adequacy and maturity, and benchmark against standards such as Business Analysis Body of Knowledge/Project Management Body of Knowledge and best practices. We’ll then design, implement and measure success of tactical activities that deliver on your strategic intentions.

Strategy Execution Services include:
  • Methodology Revision and Design - Creating or rectifying practices relative to project environment
  • Process Adequacy Assessments - Evaluating current state processes in relation to project environment
  • Federal Contracting Policy Management - Reviewing and refining contracting methodologies and procedures
A Case Study: Streamlining Methods, Creating Support
A sizeable County Department received a large funding increase and was subsequently inundated with requests for new IT projects. Although the staff was intelligent and motivated, they lacked the formal training and consistent methodologies to efficiently handle the influx of work. The Department engaged Strategy Execution to develop skills and best practices across business analysis and project management practices.

Tactics that Delivered:
Strategy Execution developed a  learning plan that called for a core group of employees—and a number of executives and managers—to complete Strategy Execution's Business Analysis Professional Development Program onsite, integrating departmental materials whenever appropriate. Along with earning professional certifications, the employees adopted consistent methods and tools that eliminated redundancy and maximized performance.  Immediately they realized an increase in productivity and quality of work, as well as the unanticipated benefits of strong team building and a mentoring environment.

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