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You've taken the first step. You know you want training. Now you're looking for it. Strategy Execution teaches theory and practice, so you're not leaving what you learned at the door of the training facility.

Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme
Taking Project-Based Work to the Next Level
The complexity of today’s business context demands that organizations regularly revisit their strategy and adapt their work, all while accelerating the speed of execution. Organizations must consistently balance the need to achieve strategic goals and respond to changes in their industries and markets in order to drive business success. Winning at this game not only requires flexibility and agility, it demands specific capabilities and an intentional approach, starting with selecting and executing critical projects. More Details...

In response to the trends we’re seeing with Agile adoption as well as what we are hearing from our clients, Strategy Execution is refreshing its entire Agile curriculum to educate and provide support to clients, whether they are moving towards an Agile/Lean or hybrid project management environment, or whether they are seeking to improve their current performance. In addition to education, we are offering ongoing support programs specific to the individual clients’ needs as they transition to Agile, including but not limited to: set-up support, coaching, and on-going guidance.

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Agile Practitioner
Agile project management methods can help you and your project team deal with frequent adaptation, volatile business condition, change of customer expectation and the need for rapid delivery. Our curriculum is incredibly comprehensive covering the entire life cycle, from Agile portfolio management to delivering projects with Scrum and addressing both practitioners and executives.

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Business Analysis
Learn to articulate business solutions, plan and document requirements, communicate with stakeholders and learn about the importance of models and how to use them.

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Business Skills
Bridge the gap between technical and business skills. Learn how to balance practical project management skills with critical thinking and strong communication techniques for better project results. Help increase and develop personal effectiveness in business insights, process expertise, customer focus, team leadership and communication skills.

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Contract Management
Our extensive Procurement and Contract Management Curriculum will prepare you and your organisation to understand the entire procurement process, and will ensure that your skills stay effective, current and on target. The training programme reflects the procurement and contracting life cycle, from requirements definition through to contract completion.

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Programme Management
See the big picture of project management. Our rigorous portfolio trains aspiring project and programme managers to manage and control the many projects in a programme. Pick up advanced negotiation techniques, marketing, and other business and leadership skills.

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Project Management
Strategy Execution provides one of the most comprehensive set of Core, Elective and Advanced project management training courses in the industry. Select from a variety of options, ranging from foundational training to developing enhanced skills and techniques to complement core knowledge or specialised training to manage complex projects.

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