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PMP® Exam Power Preparation
You will learn to:
  • Reduce your study time by half by focusing only on relevant exam topics     
  • Develop a personal study plan based on three highly successful techniques used worldwide     
  • Use the five-step elimination process to help answer any question correctly     
  • Turn double negatives into simple statements
Course Synopsis IMPORTANT information FOR STUDENTS:
Effective July 1, 2013 all Strategy Execution PMP® Exam Power Prep courses will reflect the PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition. This is in alignment with PMI's PMP Exam changes.

Immerse yourself in Strategy Execution’s PMP® Exam Power Prep and you will be well on your way to passing PMI’s PMP® certification exam. This intensive, five-day course is packed with topic reviews, practice questions, and structured individual study time including targeted coaching by a PMP® certified instructor and project management expert.

Review exam “trouble-spots” and learn insightful test-taking strategies to accelerate your learning and pave your way to success on the PMP® certification exam.

You will receive a comprehensive workbook, including drills and practice exams, as well as PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). And, for on-the-go reinforcement, you will receive The Portable PMP® Exam Prep: Conversations on Passing the PMP® Exam CD set.

Course Topics
Project Management Process Groups
  •     Initiating processes
  •     Planning processes
  •     Controlling processes
  •     Executing processes
  •     Closing processes
Project Integration Management
  •     Develop project charter
  •     Develop project management plan
  •     Direct and manage project work
  •     Monitor and control project work
  •     Perform integrated change control
  •     Close project or phase
  •     Other project management concepts
Project Scope Management
  •    Plan scope management
  •    Collect requirements
  •    Define scope
  •    Create WBS
  •    Validate scope
  •    Control scope
Project Time Management
  •    Plan schedule management
  •    Define activities
  •    Sequence activities
  •    Estimate activity resources
  •    Estimate activity durations
  •    Develop schedule
  •    Control Schedule
Project Cost Management
  •    Plan cost management
  •    Estimate costs
  •    Determine budget
  •    Control costs
Project Quality Management
  •     Plan quality management
  •     Perform quality assurance
  •     Perform quality control
  •     Other key quality topics
Project Human Resource Management
  •     Plan human resources management
  •     Acquire project team
  •     Develop project team
  •     Manage project team
Project Communications Management
  •     Plan communications management
  •     Manage communications
  •     Control communications
  •     Other communications management issues
Project Risk Management
  •     Plan risk management
  •     Identify risk
  •     Perform qualitative analysis
  •     Perform quantitative analysis
  •     Plan risk responses
  •     Control risks
Project Procurement Management
  •     Plan procurement management
  •     Conduct procurements
  •     Control procurements
  •     Close procurements
Project Stakeholder Management
  •     Identify stakeholders
  •     Plan stakeholder management
  •     Manage stakeholder engagement
  •     Control stakeholder engagement
Studying For and Taking the Exam
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