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The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving. In the past, growth and new products were a top priority. Now, as the country emerges from a several-year economic slump, telecommunications companies are shifting their focus once again—this time giving precedence to internal processes.

Grameenphone Bangladesh Client Testimonial

Working with Strategy Execution (formerly known as ESI International) has reinforced our commitment to what we at Grameenphone are trying to accomplish. There is nothing more important that a trusted partner, and Strategy Execution has proven to be just that. Whether it is high quality content or trainers Strategy Execution has all of them and have been delivering quality programs consistently.

Strategy Execution has been a part of Grameenphone for Project Management Competence Development. PM competency is accomplished by running specialized courses of Strategy Execution which are highly application driven.

Above everything excellent support given by Pankaj Kejriwal was quite remarkable also with Strategy Execution delivery team.

Azizul Abedin
General Manager, Head of Project Management Office - Grameenphone Ltd

Success in this dynamic industry depends on the ability of telecommunications companies to:
  • Adhere to constantly changing industry regulations and use the guidelines set by these regulations to improve business processes
  • View mergers and the consolidation of services as growth opportunities while at the same time understanding and managing the inherent risks
  • Define clear success criteria for projects and manage changing requirements
Key challenges in the Telecom Industry are:
  • Highly-Regulated Industries Call for Flawless Business Processes
  • Merging Organizations and the Consolidation of Services Require Strong Project Planning and Risk Management
  • Short Product Life Cycles Demand Tight Production and Strong Leadership
Telecommunications companies can rise above the competition in today’s business environment by using project management and business analysis best practices to:
  • Improve processes while adhering to strict industry regulations
  • Effectively and smoothly integrate cultures, networks and people as companies merge and consolidate
  • Efficiently manage products with challenging, quick time-to-market deadlines
  • Ensure that the impact of requirements changes are minimal or controlled
Learn Proven Techniques from the Leader in Project Management and Business Analysis Training
Strategy Execution (formerly known as ESI International) understands the unique needs of managers operating in the telecommunications industry. With nearly 25 years of training experience and world-class project management and business analysis curricula, we can help you improve your competitive edge. Having worked with many telecommunications companies to increase profit margins and standardize processes, we can help your organization with project initiatives and in all aspects of market development.

Strategy Execution has the largest and most comprehensive repertoire of project management, business analysis and contract management solutions. We can support your company no matter where your offices are located, bringing our instructors and consultants to your site. Our experience with companies of all sizes gives us a unique insight into how organizations can benefit from effective project management and business analysis processes.

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